Friday, November 4, 2011

Finding Number 4....

It's been a long time coming and we're finally ready to make the official announcement to the world.  We're at the very beginning of the journey of a lifetime. 

We're starting the adoption process. 

We've been "adoption curious" for a long time (Thanks Megan for the term.).  We actually talked about adoption before we were even married and we've talked about it constantly since then.  In the meantime we've been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters that I got to carry in my belly and give birth to. 

Meet the 3 

Charis is 5 now.  She's in Kindergarten this year.  She's our quiet one.  She soaks everything in and processes and thinks about things before she talks about them.  She's so analytical and logical it makes me crazy. (Just like her Daddy.) She can often be found in a quiet corner with a favorite book or writing pad.  She likes to be in charge...when she chooses to be but she doesn't like to be told what to do.  She's a thoughtful girl and such a sweetheart.


Rowan is our little ball of fire.  She is 4 years old and she started preschool this year.  Rowan is outgoing and social.  A born entertainer.  She loves to play dress ups and pretend.  Rowan is a caregiver and a cuddler.  She loves to snuggle with anyone who needs a good cuddle.  When she is working out a problem or building with leggos we love to watch her facial expressions.  She's on the of most expressive kids I've ever met.


Theia is 2 years old now.  She's so talkative and her little personality is really starting to shine.  She already has a sense of humor and tries to (and usually succeeds) steal the attention from her older 2 sisters.  This one has always been "into everything" and she continues the trend in her 2's.  For now Theia is our youngest...but pretty soon she'll be a big soon as we find number 4. 

What we don't know: We don't know anything at all about where this adoption journey will take us.  We don't know who our future child is, where he/she is from, what gender he/she will be, how old he/she will be when we finally get to hold him/her.  We don't know what else will happen along the journey but we have faith and we are praying for patience.  We don't know how our friends and families are going to react to our announcement.  We don't know much. 

What we know for sure: We do know that it is a long process and that we want your support and encouragement along the way.  We are still pre-paper but that doesn't matter.  This is cemented in our hearts just like if we had a child in our arms or another baby in my belly.  We know that God has a plan for all of us in this journey and we know that he will be with us along the way.  We know that there is so much to be done.  We know that along this journey there will be ups and downs.  We know we have a LOT of waiting to do.

We'd love it if you'd journey with us....finding number 4. 


  1. Matt and Mariah, this awesome! So good to see God moving in your hearts this way. Also, what an awesome journey to go on as a family, you will be a team in this and it is going to be a huge part of your daughters' story. I would love to hear more as you continue down this road and be praying for you as you journey. Love, Nicole

  2. Nicole, We welcome and beg for all of the prayers we can get. Right now this all feels very business like....I mean our hearts are there but most of the things we need to do now and consider now are not very personal. I personally could use prayers for that. So that my focus could not be on the fact that it feels like we are trying to finance a baby and more that we are trying to bring one of our children home. It's a wierd place to be.

  3. I'm so excited for you! I already love all the Krogers so much, it's going to be so great to meet another one. :)

  4. Our prayers are with your whole family. We love you and we know you are wonderful parents and wonderful siblings as well. We applaud your open hearts.

  5. I'm so glad to see the announcement finally official (and hope you don't mind the creepin I'm doing at the moment) I love you guys so much and am so excited to follow this process and journey.
    Love you all,
    many encouraging words (:

  6. Aunt Carol-We're just happy to have your encouragement, prayers and wisdom. YOUR open heart is an inspiration.

  7. Lea-I invited you. You're not "creepin". I'm happy to have you share this journey with us. We love you too. Thanks for the encouraging words and excitement. -Mariah

  8. So many children need a loving home, and it is absolutely WONDERFUL that you are wanting to open your hearts to be parents to a child needing a family. God Bless You on your journey and the growth process! I can't believe how fast your 1st three are growing, but that is what they do, isn't it? And we parents grow right along with them :)

  9. Yay!!!! Take good notes along the way so we can learn from you guys! We're adoption curious too; )