Friday, November 18, 2011

Numbers 1...2...and...3...on finding number 4.

We've been talking to the girls alot lately about loving our neighbors.  They seem to have that lessons down.  Recently we started conversations about orphans and children who live in orphanages and foster homes.  We've asked them questions like "How do you think a child might feel if they didn't have a family?"  Their answers and those conversations are priceless. 

In a recent conversation where we were talking about the idea of actually bringing number 4 home I asked, "What if we brought a child into our family and made them a Kroger?" Rowan excitedly said, "YES"  Charis, "I'm not sure.  Does that mean I'll have to share my books?"  My response, "Yes Charis it means you'll have to share everything...not just your books.  You'll even have to share Mommy and Daddy a little.  Do you think you could do that so that your brother or sister could come home?"  She thought on it, "We'll see." 

It's a start.  I really want this to be a family journey and not just something that I want or that Matt and I want.  (Thanks Justin for your insights on this one.) And so the conversations, the book reading, the sharing, and the exploring our roles in this will continue with numbers 1,2, and 3.  While we are working on finding number 4.

Oh...another cute the end of a recent conversation about orphans Rowan said,"SO Wait a minute....there are little children out there without a Mommy to tell them not to cross the street?" "Yes, Rowan."  Rowan again,"And they don't have a Daddy who tells them not to jump on the bed?" "Yes, Rowan." Rowan..."AND when they cry they are alone with not a family to pat them?" "Yes, Sweet girl"  Rowan again, "Oh boy...We need to find them."

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