Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Moving and Number 4

It's about time to make the official blog announcement about our move...and coincidentally the next step in the unofficial part of our adoption story.

Matt got a new job for the company that I currently work for.  (I teach for an online school and work from home everyday.)  Matt was hired as a Software Developer in the IT department and it is an onsite job for him.  The offices are located in Columbus, Ohio.  So the Kroger family is making our first big move ever and we're doing it pretty quickly.  In fact Matt has already started the new job (Did I mention the HUGE pay increase?).  So for now he is staying with friends in Columbus during the week until we get our home there figured out and then the girls and I will move up to join him.  In the meantime we are starting the process of trying to figure out how to rent or sell our current home.  There is just so much to do but we are feeling extremely blessed.  Through this whole process things just seem to be falling into place for us. 

I'm a huge planner.  I typically over plan things....way in advance.  As of this moment we plan to move in 16 days and have not yet secured a place to live.  We haven't been able to set up utilities or register girls for school or find new doctors.  Christmas is 12 days from now and we haven't purchased any gifts.  I've been going back and forth between several conflicting emotions...happiness, frustration, worry, fear, joy....feeling overwhelmed and exceedingly blessed.  It's kind of a roller coaster.  I'm working on it and I realize that the fear, worry, frustration etc...are not part of God's plan for me and that he has this whole thing under control.  I'm working on just opening up my hands and letting go of the reins...the safety net...the plan B.  (There is no plan B.)

All of that being said this move feels like a huge step forward in our adoption process.  This is a step toward a bigger home, better pay, the life style we choose and I really do believe it is going to be the best things for Numbers 1, 2 and 3 as well as for our future Number 4. 

Hear that, Number 4, we're getting closer to you every day.

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  1. We are praying for you all, praying fro your new home to come forth, and for all to settle in.
    Having a husband who works away is a challenge that at times can be bot frustrating and momentarily not so bad. ( did I mention I hated to have to come up with a dinner every night.) But after years of this, I wish I had my hubby for dinner every night. We pray for you all that is weekly separation will be very short.
    Love. Don't worry about Christmas presents, God already sent them.