Monday, January 30, 2012

Time Flies when you are...err...having fun?

It's been over a month so I figured I owe my 4 faithful followers and update.  We've moved.  That covers it right?

Last time I wrote about my need to plan and how we had NO IDEA where we were moving or when or how. Since then things have continued to be the same time they've continued to fall into place.  The right home for us showed up and we really do love it here already.  We've signed an 18 month lease and plan to move into a house somwhere in this area at that time.  Matt is loving his job and I'm getting back into the groove with mine.  The 2 big girls are enrolled at school and have been loving it.  Our new nanny started a few weeks ago and my girls have fallen in love with her and her little girl.  Money keeps on showing up from unexpected and unknown places...which is great when you have 1 mortgage and 1 rather large rent payment every month. In other awesome news---we already have a renter.  We're super excited about having, Rebe, live in our home.  She and her family have fixed it up and painted and will be settling in there very soon.  Did I mention the blessings that keep on showing up? 

We are still on the path to number 4.  This move feels like a huge leap closer to our next child.  The money situation is improving and we are working on housing.  We know that we won't make any major leaps for 18 months but at that point we will be more than ready to officially start this journey. Until then...we all wait for each other.  I pray for you every day number 4.